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Another Year, Another BART Service Change

You’ve probably already heard, but just in case you hadn’t, BART will revert to its pre-2008 headways starting Monday, September 14. The longstanding dream of 15-minute off-peak headways — that sweet spot where more riders are willing to head to a station spontaneously, and use the system like a true metro service — lasted less … Continue reading


South Bay Track Map

It turns out that Transbay Blog does not excel at taking vacations, since we posted even during our “hiatus.” But in light of the interesting developments that are in store for 2009 on the local, state, and federal levels, this site is returning from hiatus, with the caveat that posts may appear on a somewhat … Continue reading

New Feature: BART Track Map

Here’s one from the geek box: not a map of BART routes, but tracks. The image at left of the Oakland Wye, the center of the BART system, is clipped from the track map. This humble effort is not a transcription of any official BART documentation. Rather, it is simply a compilation of memories formed … Continue reading

High Speed Rail Interactive Map

High Speed Rail Interactive Map. One major hurdle to overcome when communicating to voters about the importance of the California High Speed Rail project is lack of familiarity. Unless you are talking to someone who has visited a foreign country and actually ridden a high-speed train, or perhaps to a train geek, it is entirely … Continue reading

Google Transit, Meet Muni — Muni, Meet Google Transit

Although Google Transit has provided trip planning information and embedded stops/stations for BART, Caltrain, and VTA for quite some time, until now, information for the Bay Area’s most heavily used transit agency — SF Muni, of course — has been noticeably absent, other than marking the subway and accessible surface rail stations. In a press … Continue reading

Transit Maps Update: 3-23-2008

Transit Maps Update: 3-23-2008. As promised, AC Transit has now made its official debut on the transit stop maps with the popular 51 Broadway, along with its late night companion, the 851. Also included is the 54 line, which runs along 35th Avenue in Oakland. As with the other maps, documentation of transfer points is … Continue reading

Mapping Bay Area Transit

To start, I would like to wish all readers a happy Pi Day. (This post was published at 1:59 pm with good reason!) But now, onto the real business of this post. It is hardly news that Bay Area transit websites are, on the whole, rather lackluster. The 511 Transit Planner has the benefit of … Continue reading

Time Capsule at the Transbay Terminal

The Transbay Terminal, dark and uninviting though it may be, is downtown San Francisco’s hub for regional bus lines that connect the city to the counties lying east, south, and north. Many Muni buses also terminate at Transbay, and the terminal is just a short walk from a slew of other bus and train lines … Continue reading


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