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This page compiles all posts on this blog that relate to implementation of Senate Bill 375, the legislation passed in California in 2008 that seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled by requiring the state’s metropolitan areas to do coordinated planning of land use and transportation.

To read more about SB 375 and its requirements, please click here.

Setting Targets to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
In 2010 the Air Resources Board (mostly) established final reduction targets, which will be in place through the next four years.  What was, in theory, just a numbers exercise naturally became another political debate.

Read More:
Air Resources Board works to meet June deadline for SB 375 draft GHG targets
, 26 May 2010
Initial estimates for an ambitious Bay Area GHG target, 26 May 2010
ARB releases draft greenhouse gas targets for SB 375, 1 Jul. 2010
Air Resources Board proposes final regional targets for SB 375, 11 Aug. 2010
Are the proposed SB 375 targets ambitious enough to achieve California’s goals?, 12 Aug. 2010
An alternative approach to setting SB 375 targets, 18 Aug. 2010
Air Resources Board adopts final targets for SB 375, 24 Sep. 2010
Tussle over SB 375 target for Southern California resolved, but funding challenges remain, 28 Feb. 2011

Developing a Sustainable Communities Strategy
SB 375 requires that regions distribute new growth more systematically than they have in the past, in a way that is rationally connected to transportation networks and achieves the emissions reduction targets.

Read More:
Laying the groundwork for a Sustainable Communities Strategy, 12 Apr. 2011
SB 375 and fair share, 31 May 2011

Funding Issues
Of course funding is a problem — this is California.  How the state funds the planning processes envisioned by (and the infrastructure implied in) SB 375 will remain an ongoing issue.

Read More:
Tussle over SB 375 target for Southern California resolved, but funding challenges remain
, 28 Feb. 2011

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