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Transit Maps Update: 3-23-2008

Transit Maps Update: 3-23-2008. As promised, AC Transit has now made its official debut on the transit stop maps with the popular 51 Broadway, along with its late night companion, the 851. Also included is the 54 line, which runs along 35th Avenue in Oakland. As with the other maps, documentation of transfer points is largely complete but still a work in progress. An updated list of all currently available maps can be found on the Bay Area Transit Maps page. Looking ahead to future updates: maps for the remaining Muni Metro lines are well underway, along with a number of crosstown bus routes. Another planned feature for BART and Muni subway stations is an explicit marking of all station entrances, exits, and elevators, so that riders may tailor even more closely their transfers between trains and buses. The map markers for station entrances and exits will likely be accompanied by information on available escalators and stairs.



2 thoughts on “Transit Maps Update: 3-23-2008

  1. Thanks for putting this together. I think this could shape up to be a very important tool.

    Though I feel extremely comfortable with most AC Transit lines, I feel utterly lost on Muni and now have a place to turn to.

    I’d be happy to help create maps for AC Transit lines, especially the 1 and 72 lines, which are the 2nd and 3rd most frequented after the 51.

    Posted by Becks | 26 March 2008, 9:08 pm
  2. Though I feel extremely comfortable with most AC Transit lines, I feel utterly lost on Muni and now have a place to turn to.
    This was exactly the motivation behind this project. There’s clearly some sort of information gap that should be filled in if even a daily transit rider like yourself would feel lost just from switching to a different agency. Imagine the experience for people that don’t ride transit regularly, or even at all (i.e. the majority of the Bay Area).

    The 1/1R and 72/72M/72R were actually the next two AC Transit lines I was planning to tackle — the natural choice, since those lines, with the 51, transport close to 1/4 of AC’s daily riders. Those will get a slightly different treatment from the others posted so far. I’ve been extremely swamped (hence the sort of sporadic posting lately), but I’ll get in touch with you at some point about working on that — thanks for your kind offer.

    Posted by Eric | 26 March 2008, 9:59 pm

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