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How the OAC fares: An updated financial outlook

BART’s Oakland Airport Connector now under construction may be soaring through the air above Hegenberger Road, but its projected operating budget lies much closer to the ground — so close that it’s digging a hole underground. Back in 2009, when BART was lining up all the local approvals it needed to obtain federal stimulus funding, … Continue reading

When compromise may be futile

Over the past couple of years, the SFMTA has made small but important streetscape changes to boost performance of the N-Judah. The N is San Francisco’s most well-used light rail line with over 40,000 daily riders, but the condition of certain surface street segments is less than ideal. Daily boardings at a few of the … Continue reading

Parking rates begin to stabilize as the SFpark program approaches two-year milestone

It has been nearly two years since San Francisco first launched the SFpark program to study how a parking crunch could be alleviated without increasing the supply of parking spaces. In that time, SFpark has attracted the attention of transportation professionals and geeks in the Bay Area and beyond, who are following along with interest … Continue reading

Transit lanes for Church Street

On Church Street in San Francisco near the intersection of Market Street — a nexus of light rail, streetcar, and bus lines — a simple but potentially transformative street improvement was put in place over the weekend. The center lanes of Church Street between Duboce Avenue and 16th Street were painted a bright, fierce red, … Continue reading

Weekend on the E-Embarcadero

A personal highlight of this past weekend was not America’s Cup, but the transit service that was a byproduct of America’s Cup. I am speaking of course about the special service on the E-Embarcadero historic streetcar line. Rail service along the portion of the San Francisco waterfront between the Wharf and Mission Bay is split … Continue reading

A hole in the Broadway-Valdez plan?

In Oakland, the Broadway-Valdez District Specific Plan has moved forward in fits and starts, but the desire remains to unlock the potential of vacant and underutilized parcels along Broadway Auto Row and reinvigorate the corridor — somehow. Whether this part of town ultimately fulfills its promise as the destination retail quarter that Oakland has lacked, … Continue reading

San Francisco is ready to commit to real BRT on Van Ness

In San Francisco, the Transportation Authority and SFMTA are moving forward to recommend a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) for bus rapid transit on Van Ness Avenue, signaling that a long planning process will be drawing to a close later this year.  This critical north-south corridor between Mission and Lombard is served by Muni’s 47 and … Continue reading

Two-way conversion of Ellis and Eddy moving forward

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency finally seems to be pursuing two-way conversion for a handful of one-way blocks in the Tenderloin on Ellis and Eddy streets.  Ellis and Eddy, as well as other streets in the Tenderloin, host relatively minimal vehicle traffic.  Yet despite the neighborhood’s very low vehicle ownership rate [1], these streets … Continue reading

SFMTA announces first parking rate adjustments under SFpark

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has, for the first time since the SFpark pilot program was launched in several city neighborhoods this April, announced tweaks to parking meter rates.  Those tweaks were fashioned in response to the parking occupancy data being collected, with the ongoing goal of finding the right price that maintains one … Continue reading

SB 375 and fair share

Before Senate Bill 375, the basic premise of California’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) was that each city in a region would be expected to absorb its “fair share” of the region’s projected housing need at all income levels.  Each city would theoretically undertake a planning process to ensure that it could accommodate its assigned … Continue reading


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