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Bridging the Divide

When Octavia Boulevard opened in 2005, it became an urbanist case study, joining The Embarcadero as another shining example of how removing key segments of freeway can breathe new life into once-blighted urban neighborhoods. Empty lots along Octavia are still undeveloped, so Hayes Valley is a work in progress; and the intersection of Market & … Continue reading

A SMART Pipe Dream

Please click here to read the previous post, which adds a bit of context and motivation for this post. Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) will likely be going up for the ballot again this November. Most recently, in the November 2006 election, the Measure R quarter-cent sales tax for SMART failed — falling just … Continue reading

East Bay BRT Expansion

This post will lay out a guide for future bus rapid transit expansion in the East Bay; it is the companion to a San Francisco BRT post from a couple months ago. The map at right (click through for a full-sized map, hosted on Flickr) is a visual depiction of what a future rapid bus … Continue reading

SF Transit Dream: Bus Rapid Transit Edition

About a month ago, I posted two dream subway maps for San Francisco and the East Bay. The goal of that exercise was to correct some of the inadequacies of the current BART and Muni Metro systems, as well as to identify additional corridors that are candidates for rail expansion. As much fun as it … Continue reading

Subway Dream (East Bay)

If you haven’t gotten to it already, please check out the introductory post. Also, the San Francisco half of the map can be found in this post. Unlike the San Francisco half of the map, which takes a stab at expanding both the BART and Muni Metro systems, the East Bay half of the map … Continue reading

Subway Dream (San Francisco)

If you haven’t gotten to it already, please read the introductory post. Also, click here for the East Bay half of the map, which has now been posted. This first post will cover the San Francisco half of the subway dream; tomorrow’s post will address the East Bay half. In the introductory post, I stated … Continue reading

An Old Dream, A New Dream

A couple weeks ago, the author of The Overhead Wire blog lamented the Bay Area’s lack of a true urban metro system and offered some ideas for what his dream subway might look like for San Francisco and Oakland. I thought that it might be fun to do a response to those posts. In the … Continue reading


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