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Open Thread and Early May News Roundup

I have been too busy lately to post regularly, but there is still plenty going on in the world of Bay Area planning and transit. My guess, and hope, is that people will still want to discuss the news, even though I am unable to pull enough time together to prepare full posts on these … Continue reading

In Uptown Grows … A Parking Lot?

When Westfield Centre opened in Downtown San Francisco in September 2006, no new parking structure was built to accommodate the approximately 25 million people that were expected to visit the mall each year. Instead, the basement level food court was physically connected to the concourse mezzanine of Powell Street Station, to emphasize that transit was … Continue reading

Board of Supervisors Hears Appeal of 299 Valencia

299 Valencia, present and future; courtesy of San Francisco is a transit-first city — officially, at least, according to its Charter — which means that actions taken by the city government, where they are related to transportation issues at all, should promote and prioritize public transit above driving. Given this background assumption, one might … Continue reading

Park(ing) Day 2008

This past Friday, September 19, was Park(ing) Day, that day each year when parking spots are turned into miniature parks. Park(ing) Day is a nice reminder of the value of public spaces, and of how nice it can be to reclaim even small chunks of pavement from automobiles and return them to pedestrians, if only … Continue reading

Excessive Parking Creeps Up Folsom Street

900 Folsom and 260 Fifth, two mixed-use projects that are currently up for consideration, would occupy adjacent parcels South of Market, at the corner of 5th and Folsom Streets, with the northern edge of the project just one-half block south of the new Intercontinental Hotel. Together, they promise 466 homes and 10,396 square feet of … Continue reading

Thumbs Up For Market-Octavia and 55 Laguna

A busy week prevented me from posting about this earlier, but better late than never: as you may have already read in the Chronicle, there have been favorable updates at the Board of Supervisors concerning the Market & Octavia Plan, which I addressed in a post a couple weeks ago. Supervisors Mirkarimi and McGoldrick had … Continue reading

Market-Octavia: Building a Vibrant Hub

Courtesy Stanley Saitowitz / Natoma Architects, Inc. For several years, the City of San Francisco has worked to develop the Market & Octavia Neighborhood Plan, studying neighborhoods centered on the pivotal intersection of Market and Octavia, bookended by Church Street on the west and Van Ness Avenue on the east. The plan was one part … Continue reading

The Final Push for “Yes on A, No on H”

UPDATE (November 6, 2007): Early absentee ballot results show that yes/no votes for Prop A are essentially tied, with “yes” votes in the very slight lead. In the meantime, “no” votes for Prop H have a substantial edge so far, roughly 58% no to 42% yes. This is an encouraging start at least on the … Continue reading

Yes on A, No on H: “Transit, Not Traffic” Around the Internet

Discussion on the “Yes on A, No on H” campaign for Transit, not Traffic, continues around the Internet, and so I’ll continue to post links to some of these sites, for interested readers who might not have run into them: The Bikescape blog has a posted a podcast about the Transit, Not Traffic campaign, featuring … Continue reading

Vote For Transit, Not Traffic

San Francisco voters this election are faced with a key choice that will have very significant effects on the city’s future. On the one hand, voters will be asked to consider Proposition A, which would reform Muni and address many issues that are fundamental to operational difficulties that Muni has faced in the past decade. … Continue reading


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