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Link Love for Transit Lifestyle Blogs

Link love for transit lifestyle blogs. Because this blog gives a lot of press time to future transit expansion and its role in building a better Bay Area, one topic which does not get as much coverage here is transit in the here-and-now — perhaps you might call these transit lifestyle issues. Luckily, other devoted … Continue reading

Trial Run With Instant Messages

Trial run with instant messages. In the months since starting this blog, I have enjoyed engaging in conversation with people who write in, both in the comments and through private email — all the while rather surprised that anyone was even reading at all, let alone bothering to return. Since the conversation is in some … Continue reading

And We’re Back!

As promised, Transbay Blog is now back up and running with the new design, ahead of schedule. Thanks for your patience during the weekend. I tried it out on different browsers, and all looked to be in order, but if you notice anything strange, please write in. You’ve probably also noticed that the site now … Continue reading

Weekend Service Updates… for the Blog

That’s right, not transit service updates, but blog updates. I’m going to be doing some upgrades to this blog over the weekend. Like the past two years of weeknight Muni Metro service, the site won’t be completely shut down, but let’s just say we’ll be running bus substitution instead of trains — there will be … Continue reading

New Pages on Major Ongoing Projects

Blogs are a great way to put out information quickly and painlessly, but the reverse chronological format that typifies blogs has the nontrivial disadvantage that older but still relevant posts are quickly pushed to the bottom of the page, or out of sight altogether. On this blog, the list of categories in the right sidebar … Continue reading


I’ll be maintaining a few different blogrolls for the Transbay Blog, and these lists will continue to get longer in time. These are mostly sites that I like to read, or that are related in material or mission to the Transbay Blog. The links will fall into a few different categories: “Bay Area Websites” is … Continue reading

Welcome to the Transbay Blog

Welcome to the Transbay Blog, a blog about public transit and city planning in the San Francisco Bay Area. The redevelopment of the Transbay Terminal in San Francisco is a huge project in terms of both transit and planning, and as the name of the blog suggests, it will be a big topic of discussion … Continue reading


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