New Pages on Major Ongoing Projects

Blogs are a great way to put out information quickly and painlessly, but the reverse chronological format that typifies blogs has the nontrivial disadvantage that older but still relevant posts are quickly pushed to the bottom of the page, or out of sight altogether. On this blog, the list of categories in the right sidebar aims to simplify the process of unearthing older posts that no longer appear on the main page, but I wanted to take one more step in that direction, by compiling pages that are essentially quick reference sheets.

Observing that the posts on future transit infrastructure projects seem to be among the most popular, substantive posts on these projects have been organized into a new page on Transit Projects, which can be easily accessed via the Supplements section in the sidebar.

The other popular category of posts — not surprising, given this blog’s title — are the posts about the Transbay area, particularly the signature tower and the transit center. Posts relevant to this topic have been organized into a new page called “Redeveloping Transbay”, also accessible via the sidebar. Update: this page has morphed into the “Neighborhood Redevelopment” page, and will compile posts from various neighborhoods, including Transbay.



2 thoughts on “New Pages on Major Ongoing Projects

  1. hi, i started reading your blog recently and appreciate its perspective. i wonder whether you’re following the Geary BRT project. thanks.

    Posted by Anthony | 27 November 2007, 12:46 pm
  2. Anthony: Geary BRT is another big, very important project that will eventually make its way onto here. I want to give these projects the “air time” they deserve, so it’s really just a question of when I can scrap together the time to write the posts. But, yes, I’m hoping to write on that project (and others) in the future. Thanks for the comment.

    Posted by Eric | 27 November 2007, 1:03 pm

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