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I’ll be maintaining a few different blogrolls for the Transbay Blog, and these lists will continue to get longer in time. These are mostly sites that I like to read, or that are related in material or mission to the Transbay Blog. The links will fall into a few different categories:

  • “Bay Area Websites” is a pretty general category for websites that aren’t official governmental agencies or mainstream media. It will include major project websites, blogs, and nonprofit organizations.
  • “Official Agency Sites” fill in the gaps in the previous category, including links for transit agencies and official city websites. I will probably also add mainstream media websites to this category as well.
  • I haven’t yet started this section but will try to do it soon — a section called “Beyond the Bay” (or something to that effect), which will include links to interesting transit or urbanist sites that cover other parts of the country or world.

All links will be added to the appropriate section in the right-hand sidebar.

Make sure to check back later today for the first post of any real substance: initial impressions on last night’s unveiling of the three designs proposed for the Transbay Transit Center and tower!



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