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Transbay demolition and more on Flickr

If you have been reading this website for awhile, you might remember that a few years ago I used to maintain a fairly active Flickr account used in conjunction with the blog, uploading renderings and construction progress photos.  That Flickr account has been sitting dormant for the past few years, but the time has come … Continue reading

Facebook page

I usually follow websites and blogs through RSS and Twitter rather than Facebook, and so never really thought to create a Facebook page for this blog.  But friends have since persuaded me that it would be worthwhile to set up Facebook as well, in order to better reach readers who use Facebook but not those … Continue reading

The Second Year

As it turns out, Transbay Blog’s second birthday slipped by unnoticed last week. I completely forgot about it at the time and didn’t have the opportunity to write a post until now. It’s certainly been a rather action-packed year, hasn’t it? With the election of Barack Obama, there has been at least some shift in … Continue reading

An Update

Some of you will have already noticed that the sidebar on this blog has had a bit of an overhaul. This has been on the to-do list for awhile, because I noticed that many people come here searching for information about a certain project or plan — but, depending on the query, the search tool … Continue reading

Site Design Issues

So I was thinking about redoing the layout of Transbay Blog eventually. I had not planned on doing it so soon, but this weekend, things on the site went haywire. For a quick fix, I reloaded the site with this new theme, which is plain but functional. It will have to stay more or less … Continue reading

A Short Note

Dear Readers: apologies for the sudden dropoff in posting. I’ve received email inquiry asking why the recent silence, despite all the mischief afoot (pedestrian plazas, transit operator budgets going haywire, and so forth), so an explanation is owed. I haven’t had any time lately to post — but truth be told, I haven’t had much … Continue reading

Hiatus, Almost

As I mentioned earlier, Transbay Blog will be taking a vacation for the near future, until I can scrape together enough time to start posting again. Ideally, there would be occasional but infrequent posting, but it’s not yet clear how much. At the same time, though, I do not want this blog to sit completely … Continue reading

Legislation in the Sidebar

You may have noticed there has been a high concentration of posting here lately about California state legislation. This happened entirely by chance, not by design — but then it occurred to me that it may be an angle worthy of continued coverage in the future. After all, a great deal of what happens in … Continue reading

Join the SF Bay Area Livable Streets Group

Join the SF Bay Area Livable Streets Group. Just in case you have not run across it yet, Streetsblog is a professional group blog that covers transit and livability issues in New York City, and there is a sister site for Los Angeles. The blogs integrated into a social networking framework that allows users to … Continue reading

The First Year

Today is Transbay Blog’s first birthday, so this is my attempt to put together the reflective type of post that seems to have become traditional on blog birthdays. To be perfectly honest, when first starting up the blog last August, I never dreamed it would even last this long — I’m usually much better at … Continue reading


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