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Transbay demolition and more on Flickr

If you have been reading this website for awhile, you might remember that a few years ago I used to maintain a fairly active Flickr account used in conjunction with the blog, uploading renderings and construction progress photos.  That Flickr account has been sitting dormant for the past few years, but the time has come to revive it.  My hope is to update it regularly, and while some photos will be connected to articles here, others will be posted there independently.  Click here to see the photostream, and for easy future access, a Flickr link has been added to the sidebar.

Since last summer I have dropped by the Transbay site to photograph various stages in the demolition of the old Terminal.  On the Flickr account, I have now uploaded a couple hundred Transbay-related photos, including one set of photos for the East Loop and temporary terminal, and another set of photos for the demolition of the main building.  The full Transbay Terminal collection includes photos from the final operating days of the Terminal and the groundbreaking ceremony, which were posted here last year in the form of slideshows.  There is also a set for the recently-opened West Dublin/Pleasanton BART station.  Finally, I posted urbanist-oriented photos from two recent visits to New York.

There should be more substantive content here next week, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these photo sets.



2 thoughts on “Transbay demolition and more on Flickr

  1. Thanx for all these pictures. I’d lived in the Bay Area for 15 years or thereabouts, and I still wish I could go back there.

    Posted by Loren Petrich | 16 May 2011, 11:33 am
  2. My pleasure, Loren- I’m glad you enjoyed the photos and hope you’ll at least get to visit the Bay soon.

    Posted by Eric | 16 May 2011, 2:42 pm

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