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Proposed Change to the Inbound 71L

Proposed Change to the Inbound 71L. If you ride the 71L-Haight/Noriega Limited bus inbound to downtown during morning rush hour, Muni is interested in your comments on its proposed changes to the 71L route. The changes would apply only on weekdays, between 7:00 am and 9:00 am. The proposal is to have buses avoid congestion … Continue reading

John King Exposes San Francisco’s “Pockets of Peace”

John King exposes San Francisco’s “Pockets of Peace.” John King, who handles the Chronicle‘s output regarding architecture and design, came out with a nice piece today exposing downtown San Francisco’s public spaces, many of which are remarkably hidden and little known. Thanks to the downtown plan, which stipulates the provision of privately owned and maintained … Continue reading

Transit Maps Update: 3-23-2008

Transit Maps Update: 3-23-2008. As promised, AC Transit has now made its official debut on the transit stop maps with the popular 51 Broadway, along with its late night companion, the 851. Also included is the 54 line, which runs along 35th Avenue in Oakland. As with the other maps, documentation of transfer points is … Continue reading

Full Muni Metro Service To Be Restored On March 24

Full Muni Metro service to be restored on March 24. Regular Muni Metro riders have no doubt already noticed the prominent signs that have been posted in subway stations, but for those who ride the system less frequently: after two long years, the Metro improvement project is finally coming to a close. Full subway service … Continue reading

Interested In Your Very Own Street Tree?

Interested in your very own street tree? My apologies for the dearth of updates. Off-computer life has gotten very hectic lately, but I’m hoping to get the ball rolling again soon. Until then, you could always … plant a street tree? Though sometimes basic streetscape improvements get lost in the shuffle of more complicated issues, … Continue reading

Reader Inquiry: Ridership on AC Transit’s Transbay O Route

Reader Inquiry: Ridership on AC Transit’s Transbay O Route. I noticed that someone has hit this site a few times, searching for ridership information on AC Transit’s O route, which is the transbay route that largely runs on the Alameda portion of the 51/851 route. This is a question that before now has remained unanswered … Continue reading

Extensions of Muni Lines 44 and 108 Start This Saturday

Extensions of Muni lines 44 and 108 start this Saturday. February 23, Muni will start running permanently extended service on the 44-O’Shaughnessy and 108-Treasure Island bus routes. The 44 will be rerouted off of Fairfax and onto Evans, terminating at Bayview Plaza, near the Evans T-Third station. The 108 will be extended to serve the … Continue reading

London is on the Move

London is on the move. London, a city that is famous around the world for the bold steps it has taken to curb congestion and encourage use of alternative transportation, continues to prove its worth as a global model for mobility policy, as it strives for a goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60% … Continue reading

VTA Upgrades Light Rail Platforms

VTA upgrades light rail platforms. This weekend, VTA has started a project that will retrofit its south line light rail platforms to permit level boarding by eliminating en eight-inch gap between platforms and light rail vehicles. The stations that will be upgraded are: Children’s Discovery Museum, Virginia, Tamien, Curtner, Capitol, Branham, Ohlone / Chynoweth, Oakridge, … Continue reading

Good News for Mission Street

Good news for Mission Street. At long last, Muni’s Transit Effectiveness Project may bear some fruit on Mission Street, one of San Francisco’s most popular and crowded transit corridors. With over 65,000 daily riders, the 49 and the different versions of the 14 fight through congested city streets, dodging traffic and double-parked vehicles with nothing … Continue reading


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