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VTA Upgrades Light Rail Platforms

VTA upgrades light rail platforms. This weekend, VTA has started a project that will retrofit its south line light rail platforms to permit level boarding by eliminating en eight-inch gap between platforms and light rail vehicles. The stations that will be upgraded are: Children’s Discovery Museum, Virginia, Tamien, Curtner, Capitol, Branham, Ohlone / Chynoweth, Oakridge, Almaden, Blossom Hill, Snell, Cottle and Santa Teresa; construction will move from north to south. The retrofits, which will cost close to $23 million of mostly federal money, are expected to be finished by March 2009, so light rail riders can expect to contend with bus bridges during the construction. The first set of service updates are posted here, and periodic updates will probably be at this link throughout the year.
[Santa Clara VTA]



4 thoughts on “VTA Upgrades Light Rail Platforms

  1. Nice to see they will be making the light rail vehicles more easily accessible for people in your area. Very cool..

    Posted by Rail Life | 9 February 2008, 6:20 pm
  2. Well, VTA is working on it, at least. Unfortunately, Muni Metro (the light rail system that serves San Francisco proper) is far from completely accessible. For Muni, only subway stations and select surface stops are accessible.

    Posted by Eric | 9 February 2008, 6:22 pm
  3. I’ll be at a conference in San Fran this July.. Looking forward to the Ciy again.. Maybe I can buy you lunch. :-)

    Posted by Rail Life | 9 February 2008, 7:48 pm
  4. Remind me again when we get closer to the date, and we’ll see if we can’t set something up.

    Posted by Eric | 9 February 2008, 9:26 pm

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