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Join the SF Bay Area Livable Streets Group

Join the SF Bay Area Livable Streets Group. Just in case you have not run across it yet, Streetsblog is a professional group blog that covers transit and livability issues in New York City, and there is a sister site for Los Angeles. The blogs integrated into a social networking framework that allows users to … Continue reading

Sidebar Addition: Current Gas Prices

Sidebar Addition: Current Gas Prices. Although rising fuel prices are forcing transit agencies to look yet again to fare hikes, I cannot help but to be pretty excited about the prospect of higher gas prices encouraging¬† a paradigm shift from driving to transit. With gas prices approaching $5 per gallon here in the Bay Area, … Continue reading

AB 3034 Passes Senate Transportation and Housing Committee

AB 3034 passes Senate Transportation and Housing Committee. Erik Nelson from the Oakland Tribune reported that the Cathleen Galgiani’s high speed rail bill AB 3034 was approved 8-4 in the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee; meanwhile, a few days ago, Debra Bowen assigned the prime-time position of Proposition 1 to the $9.95 billion HSR bond … Continue reading

Link Love for Transit Lifestyle Blogs

Link love for transit lifestyle blogs. Because this blog gives a lot of press time to future transit expansion and its role in building a better Bay Area, one topic which does not get as much coverage here is transit in the here-and-now — perhaps you might call these transit lifestyle issues. Luckily, other devoted … Continue reading

Spare the Air Day on June 19, 2008

Spare the Air Day on June 19, 2008. Just in case you have not already heard, a quick reminder that this Thursday, June 19 is a Spare the Air Day, and the only planned day of free transit service. It is also APTA’s 3rd Annual Dump the Pump Day. So be sure to take advantage … Continue reading

Trial Run With Instant Messages

Trial run with instant messages. In the months since starting this blog, I have enjoyed engaging in conversation with people who write in, both in the comments and through private email — all the while rather surprised that anyone was even reading at all, let alone bothering to return. Since the conversation is in some … Continue reading

Not Everyone in the East Bay Hates BRT

Not everyone in the East Bay hates BRT. Here is an article from the Daily Review, forwarded by Hank Resnik of the Berkeley group Friends of BRT. The Berkeley Daily Planet continues to cement its reputation as one of the Bay Area’s most definitive sources for fact-free journalism, by “reporting” that the San Leandro City … Continue reading

AC Transit Joins the Google Transit Roster

AC Transit joins the Google Transit roster. A few weeks ago, we reported that Muni was finally integrated into the Google Maps transit planner, and we are very happy to report that AC Transit has also been added to the roster. The bus stops for Muni and AC Transit have not been permanently embedded into … Continue reading

High Speed Rail Interactive Map

High Speed Rail Interactive Map. One major hurdle to overcome when communicating to voters about the importance of the California High Speed Rail project is lack of familiarity. Unless you are talking to someone who has visited a foreign country and actually ridden a high-speed train, or perhaps to a train geek, it is entirely … Continue reading

Bike to Work Day on Thursday May 15

Bike to Work Day on Thursday May 15. Yours truly owns neither a bicycle nor a car — and thus is strictly a pedestrian and transit rider — but of course wholeheartedly supports non-automotive transportation in all forms. So even if I will not be hopping on a bicycle for Bike to Work Day tomorrow, … Continue reading


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