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Future Muni Reroutes to the Temporary Transbay Terminal

Preparations for the replacement temporary Transbay Terminal are well underway and proceeding according to schedule, with a start to construction planned for later this year. The terminal is planned to be at least partially open for business starting in the summer of 2009. When the aerial structure hovering over a small portion of the site is demolished, the whole terminal should be operational by late 2009 and will remain in use for about five years, until the new Pelli Transit Center is completed. The temporary terminal site — the entire block bounded by Howard, Main, Folsom, and Beale Streets — is south of the current Transbay Terminal, further removed from the Market Street transit core. Several Muni lines will be rerouted and extended to accommodate this shift in terminal location. Because the existence of the aerial loop necessarily phases terminal construction, reroutes will change slightly to accommodate the construction schedule. The details:

    • The 5-Fulton will use the two-way pair of Main and Beale to serve the northern border of the terminal at Howard.
    • During the short first phase, the 38/38L-Geary and the 71/71L-Haight/Noriega will serve the northern border of the terminal at Howard, but for most of the life of the temporary terminal, both the 38/38L and 71/71L will loop to the southern border of the site at Folsom, also using the two-pair of Main and Beale.
    • Because the 71/71L will be rerouted to the terminal, the 6-Parnassus will terminate at Ferry Plaza.
    • The 108-Treasure Island (now extended to the Caltrain Depot afternoons and evenings) and the 76-Marin Headlands will serve the temporary terminal. Several other routes (1-California, 12-Folsom/Pacific, 20-Columbus, 30X-Marina Express, 41-Union) that currently run on portions of Howard and Folsom will continue to do so, accessing the northern border of the terminal site.
    • Unlike its current configuration, the route of the 10-Townsend will not directly serve the temporary terminal, with southbound buses using 2nd Street and northbound buses using Folsom and Fremont before aligning onto Sansome.
    • The 14/14L-Mission route will not be changed, so it will miss the temporary terminal by one long block.

    For visual learners, here is a PDF map of the final phase reroutes.



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