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Another Year, Another BART Service Change

You’ve probably already heard, but just in case you hadn’t, BART will revert to its pre-2008 headways starting Monday, September 14. The longstanding dream of 15-minute off-peak headways — that sweet spot where more riders are willing to head to a station spontaneously, and use the system like a true metro service — lasted less … Continue reading

Another Year, Another Bay Bridge Closure

UPDATE #1 (5 September 2009, 11:30 a.m.):  We’ve also posted a Saturday update on the construction progress. UPDATE #2 (5 September 2009, 11:00 p.m.): A crack is discovered on the eastern span of the Bay Bridge, separate from the construction work being carried out this weekend. The planned Tuesday 5:00 a.m. reopening of the bridge … Continue reading

SFMTA Saturday: Muni Metro East and the CultureBus

There are two notable Muni events happening tomorrow, Saturday, September 20. First is the debut of the Muni Metro East light rail maintenance and storage facility. Located on Illinois Street between 25th Street and Cesar Chavez, the new facility is more convenient to the T-Third terminus at Sunnydale. LRVs can access the complex using two … Continue reading

Pride Parade 2008 Service Updates

A lot of street closures for the SF Pride 2008 events means a lot of Muni service updates. It’s actually a bit of a mess, because in a few instances, the same line will be rerouted slightly differently at different times of day. Sunday, Muni will add more service to the subway from 8 am … Continue reading

Bay to Breakers 2008 Service Updates

Well, it’s that time of year again! A time in which a San Franciscan sort of frivolity stretches from the Bay to the Sea — and also a time in which more or less every Muni line goes to hell in a handbasket. The route runs along Howard (from Steuart to 9th), 9th (from Howard … Continue reading

Olympic Torch Service Updates

Well, after all the squabbles, arguments, and protests attempting to settle whether or not it properly comports with San Francisco values, the Olympic torch run is finally here. Of course, that means there are Muni service updates, affecting the torch route along the Embarcadero. For your convenience, here are today’s highlights: Muni Metro service between … Continue reading

Future Muni Reroutes to the Temporary Transbay Terminal

Preparations for the replacement temporary Transbay Terminal are well underway and proceeding according to schedule, with a start to construction planned for later this year. The terminal is planned to be at least partially open for business starting in the summer of 2009. When the aerial structure hovering over a small portion of the site … Continue reading

Full Muni Metro Service To Be Restored On March 24

Full Muni Metro service to be restored on March 24. Regular Muni Metro riders have no doubt already noticed the prominent signs that have been posted in subway stations, but for those who ride the system less frequently: after two long years, the Metro improvement project is finally coming to a close. Full subway service … Continue reading

Extensions of Muni Lines 44 and 108 Start This Saturday

Extensions of Muni lines 44 and 108 start this Saturday. February 23, Muni will start running permanently extended service on the 44-O’Shaughnessy and 108-Treasure Island bus routes. The 44 will be rerouted off of Fairfax and onto Evans, terminating at Bayview Plaza, near the Evans T-Third station. The 108 will be extended to serve the … Continue reading

VTA Upgrades Light Rail Platforms

VTA upgrades light rail platforms. This weekend, VTA has started a project that will retrofit its south line light rail platforms to permit level boarding by eliminating en eight-inch gap between platforms and light rail vehicles. The stations that will be upgraded are: Children’s Discovery Museum, Virginia, Tamien, Curtner, Capitol, Branham, Ohlone / Chynoweth, Oakridge, … Continue reading


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