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Spare the Air on August 29

UPDATE: Enjoy more free transit for another Spare the Air day on August 30!

Officials have announced that tomorrow, August 29, will be a Spare the Air Day, for the first time this summer. And you know what that means… free rides on public transit! Muni and all buses in the Bay Area will be free all day long. BART, Caltrain, ACE trains, and the ferries will be free from the start of service until 1:00 pm.

Those of us who ride transit everyday anyway (and have already plunked down the money for a monthly pass) will probably just gripe about the trains and buses being more crowded than usual. This is, however, a great opportunity for transit veterans to shine and help new riders to their destinations if they look lost. If new riders have a pleasant experience the first time around, they will be more likely to take transit in the future.

If you typically drive, now is the perfect chance to try out a transit route to commute to work or school. Instead of stressing over traffic, you can sit back and read, nap, or listen to music. Who knows, maybe you’ll love it and get hooked!



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