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Muni is a Mess

Muni is a mess. We all know it, and (unless you’re a politician whose chance of getting reelected is contingent on your ability to convince voters that, contrary to popular belief, Muni is not a mess) mostly anyone who rides it regularly will generally just come right out and say it. Why not wear it, also?

Muni is a Mess T-Shirt

This T-shirt, with its playful use of the infamous Muni “worm” logo


is simple but is bound to entertain your fellow transit riders. It is, in fact, a real T-shirt, offered by Mule Design, and it is currently for sale.

From the Mule Design website:

This one’s for the locals; The people who’ve put up with the late buses, the crowded streetcars, the rude drivers, the pitiful, the long lines, the smell, the stink, the sad excuse for a public transit system.

What we ourselves cannot fix; let us instead mock.

Of course, a big part of the reason why this blog exists is to chronicle efforts to fix the chronic problems of Bay Area transit. Although I am critical of Muni when criticism is warranted, I also put myself in the position of trying to justify or apologize for their errors, in some hope (perhaps in vain) that those errors might not be repeated in the future — but mostly because I am unhappy to see the more recent trends indicating that ridership is decreasing, and I’d like to make some contribution, however small, towards convincing people not to give up on it. In that sense, the witty negativity of this shirt could be seen as counterproductive, and that is actually the main reason I haven’t ordered the shirt thus far (though I probably will break down sometime soon). On the other hand, if Nat Ford and other folks in charge see enough of these shirts around town, perhaps they will be more motivated to demonstrate palpable improvements faster. That is a cause I could certainly get behind.

If you are interested, Muni Mess T-shirts can be ordered here.



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