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Transit lanes for Church Street

On Church Street in San Francisco near the intersection of Market Street — a nexus of light rail, streetcar, and bus lines — a simple but potentially transformative street improvement was put in place over the weekend. The center lanes of Church Street between Duboce Avenue and 16th Street were painted a bright, fierce red, … Continue reading

Two-way conversion of Ellis and Eddy moving forward

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency finally seems to be pursuing two-way conversion for a handful of one-way blocks in the Tenderloin on Ellis and Eddy streets.  Ellis and Eddy, as well as other streets in the Tenderloin, host relatively minimal vehicle traffic.  Yet despite the neighborhood’s very low vehicle ownership rate [1], these streets … Continue reading

Let them have parking lots

This week, the Oakland Planning Commission will consider a peculiar concoction brewed up by Planning Department staff called temporary conditional use permits (TCUPs).  As explained by the staff report (41 MB PDF), the purpose of the proposed TCUP program is to help property owners maintain the economic viability of their vacant parcels, by allowing them … Continue reading

DPW holds hearing this week for two proposed parklets

This Wednesday, December 15, 2010, the Department of Public Works (DPW) will hold a hearing (PDF) to gather public comment on two parklets — extensions of the sidewalk built in parking spots to make space for outdoor seating — that have been proposed in San Francisco.  One parklet would be installed on Post Street between Jones and Leavenworth, in front … Continue reading

Chipping Away at the Garage Problem

Take a stroll around North Beach or Chinatown in San Francisco, and you’ll see many of the characteristics you would expect to see in two of the densest urban districts in America’s second densest city — well-traveled sidewalks, mixed-use structures with ground-floor retail, buildings built to the sidewalk and property lines, a streetscape activated by … Continue reading

The New Market Street: 6th and 8th Street Turns

After years of seemingly-endless discussion, the quest to remake San Francisco’s Market Street took a step forward, moving beyond talk and studies to action. In a six-week trial that began today, motorists traveling inbound on Market Street are encouraged to turn south off of Market at 10th Street, and are required to turn right on … Continue reading

Market Street: Learning to Share

Arguing about how to solve the Market Street problem — usually via some sort of ban on automobiles — is a San Francisco pastime, given how often the topic resurfaces. So it should come as no surprise that although we discussed Market Street on this blog one full year ago, we are discussing it again … Continue reading

Streets Stimulus

ui Continue reading

SB 375 and AB 1358: Victory for Livability Legislation

September 30 at midnight is the deadline for the Governor to sign bills into law, and in light of the record-late budget, legislation has been stacking up. Amidst all the signed and vetoed bills, I am happy to report that SB 375 and AB 1358, two important pieces of “livability legislation” that we have been … Continue reading

Complete Streets Act to Hit the State Senate Floor

Finally — the Complete Streets Act (AB 1358), first introduced in February 2007 and then later held in the Senate Appropriations Committee, has been reintroduced and will go before the full California State Senate next week (week of August 4, 2008). The bill was authored by San Francisco Assemblymember and presumptive 3rd District Senator Mark … Continue reading


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