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Court Invalidates the Pleasanton Housing Cap

In 1996, the City of Pleasanton adopted Measure GG, which set a strict housing cap.  Under Measure GG, no more than 29,000 units could be built within the city.  Although it took awhile, fourteen years later, Pleasanton’s housing cap has finally been ruled to be illegal.  Judge Frank Roesch, of Alameda County Superior Court, issued … Continue reading

Jerry Brown to Pleasanton: Housing and Climate Change Are Connected

Land use is famously about local controversies. Neighborhood groups, often brandishing long, unwieldy names like “Citizens For A More Responsible” something-or-other, fill up municipal legislative chambers demanding justice; other distinctly local personalities may also emerge into the forefront of the discussion. In addition, land use decisions are often based on a context made up of … Continue reading

Open Thread and Early May News Roundup

I have been too busy lately to post regularly, but there is still plenty going on in the world of Bay Area planning and transit. My guess, and hope, is that people will still want to discuss the news, even though I am unable to pull enough time together to prepare full posts on these … Continue reading

Berkeley BRT Ballot Initiative City Council Update

Given the fact that the Berkeley City Council decided not to litigate against the anti-BRT voter initiative — choosing instead to “honor the initiative process” — it was clear that the initiative would indeed be added to the November ballot. That said, I thought I should probably add this update to clarify any potential confusion … Continue reading

City of Berkeley v. Voters of Berkeley Averted

The last time we picked up the seemingly endless saga concerning the mere 1 to 1.5 miles of bus-only lanes proposed for the Berkeley leg of AC Transit’s BRT project along Telegraph Avenue, the Berkeley Daily Planet had propagated an outright lie, alleging that the San Leandro City Council had already “opted out” of its … Continue reading

A Facelift for the College Avenue Safeway

The Safeway and 76 gas station, at the northeast corner of College and Claremont Avenues in Oakland, together occupy a site whose layout is entirely inappropriate for an urban setting, particularly for the intersection of two major avenues. The large parking lot, which fronts directly onto parts of both College and Claremont, is a (sub)urban … Continue reading

Not Everyone in the East Bay Hates BRT

Not everyone in the East Bay hates BRT. Here is an article from the Daily Review, forwarded by Hank Resnik of the Berkeley group Friends of BRT. The Berkeley Daily Planet continues to cement its reputation as one of the Bay Area’s most definitive sources for fact-free journalism, by “reporting” that the San Leandro City … Continue reading

Rapid Bus Minus

Proposed BRT at Shattuck Avenue & Bancroft in Berkeley. Courtesy FMG Architects. And so it continues: the ever-committed opponents of Bus Rapid Transit in supposedly progressive Berkeley have hatched a plan to stop BRT in the East Bay — “Rapid Bus Plus,” a brainchild of the group Berkeleyans for Better Transportation Options (BBTOP). Under “Rapid … Continue reading

Thumbs Up For Market-Octavia and 55 Laguna

A busy week prevented me from posting about this earlier, but better late than never: as you may have already read in the Chronicle, there have been favorable updates at the Board of Supervisors concerning the Market & Octavia Plan, which I addressed in a post a couple weeks ago. Supervisors Mirkarimi and McGoldrick had … Continue reading

Market-Octavia: Building a Vibrant Hub

Courtesy Stanley Saitowitz / Natoma Architects, Inc. For several years, the City of San Francisco has worked to develop the Market & Octavia Neighborhood Plan, studying neighborhoods centered on the pivotal intersection of Market and Octavia, bookended by Church Street on the west and Van Ness Avenue on the east. The plan was one part … Continue reading


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