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First Bay Area HOT lane opens for business

The Bay Area’s first high-occupancy toll (HOT) lane, or “express lane,” opens today on southbound Interstate 680 over the Sunol Grade, between Highways 84 and 237 — a 14-mile stretch of freeway that includes 11 miles in Alameda County and 3 miles in Santa Clara County.  Carpools and high-occupancy vehicles on this segment of freeway … Continue reading

Regional HOT lane network going back to the drawing board

When last updating the Bay Area’s Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) in Spring 2009, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission reserved a distinguished place in the RTP for its planned regional network of high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes.  The plan envisions freeway motorists paying tolls via FasTrak to beat the traffic jams, by entering specific lanes otherwise designated for … Continue reading

BART Sets Ridership Record During Bay Bridge Closure

A quick remark on the slow posting around here lately: I am now in the middle of a several-week period of time that has been one of the personal busiest and most stressful periods in recent memory. There are several posts and news developments that I have been wanting to write about, but there has … Continue reading

Bay Bridge Update: It’s Open!

NOTE: This post was written following the Labor Day bridge closure, and is not about the October 28, 2009 emergency closure. For more information on that closure, see this post. Original Post: At a 6:10 a.m. press conference this morning, Caltrans Director Randy Iwasaki announced that after almost 70 hours of nonstop work by construction … Continue reading

Bay Bridge Update: Reopening is Postponed, Use Transit Options

UPDATE (8 September 2009): The Bay Bridge is open! Caltrans has announced that the Bay Bridge will not reopen Tuesday at 5:00 a.m., as previously planned. An inspection of the east span revealed a cracked eyebar, the repair of which will require another day. The new deadline for the reopened bridge is now Wednesday, September … Continue reading

Bay Bridge Update: New Section Inserted, Crack Repairs Underway

UPDATE (7 September 2009): The reopening of the Bay Bridge is postponed to Wednesday, September 9 at 5:00 a.m. Please use transit alternatives to get to work on Tuesday. Construction on the Bay Bridge has made swift progress this weekend with the swapping-in of the detour tie-in, a 3600-ton section of double-decker roadway inserted into … Continue reading

Bay Bridge Update: Crack Discovered During Inspection

UPDATE (6 September 2009): The repair work for the eyebar crack is underway. Construction work on the Bay Bridge east span proceeded according to schedule today as construction crews carried out the impressive feat of swapping in a new section of roadway for the Bay Bridge east span, sliding into place a 3600-ton double-decker section … Continue reading

Bay Bridge Update: Old Section of Roadway Removed, New Section Ready to Go In

UPDATE (5 September 2009, 11:00 p.m.): A crack is discovered on the eastern span of the Bay Bridge, separate from the construction work being carried out this weekend. The planned Tuesday 5:00 a.m. reopening of the bridge may be postponed. After a snag on Friday afternoon, construction crews for the Bay Bridge were able to … Continue reading

Another Year, Another Bay Bridge Closure

UPDATE #1 (5 September 2009, 11:30 a.m.):  We’ve also posted a Saturday update on the construction progress. UPDATE #2 (5 September 2009, 11:00 p.m.): A crack is discovered on the eastern span of the Bay Bridge, separate from the construction work being carried out this weekend. The planned Tuesday 5:00 a.m. reopening of the bridge … Continue reading

New Bike-Ped Connection to Open on the Benicia Bridge

Benicia-Martinez Bridge. Courtesy of MTC/Caltrans. Throughout the 20th century, as the Bay Area changed fundamentally from a concentrated urban area to a region consisting predominantly of dispersed suburban development, once-innocent country roads became today’s roaring interstates, ever widened to accommodate (and induce additional) far-flung car trips. That, in a nutshell, is the story of the … Continue reading


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