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Checking In On Downtown Oakland Projects: 3-21-2008

I recently had occasion to check out some of the new projects under construction in downtown Oakland, so this post will provide a pictorial update of the construction reported in this post from last October. This post will be mostly photos; for more context and details on the projects, please check out that earlier post. … Continue reading

Evolving Skyline: 2-12-2008

One of my favorite features of San Francisco’s downtown street map, two grids meeting at a diagonal, is that looking down just about any street yields a view not only of a streetwall, but also of a cross-sectional sliver of the skyline, offset at an angle. Now that Rincon Hill and South of Market are … Continue reading

Downtown Oakland Construction: 10-25-2007

There are some exciting construction projects rising in downtown Oakland these days, since many of the projects that were initially proposed in response to Jerry Brown’s 10K downtown revitalization plan are finally emerging from the planning process and becoming a reality. This post will attempt to cover some of the more high profile downtown projects, … Continue reading

Construction Progress: 9-25-2007

Time for another construction update! The last construction progress post mainly focused on buildings that were recently completed or are very near completion, so this post will cover many large projects that are not as far along yet. As usual for these posts, you can click through each picture to see a larger version. The … Continue reading

Construction Progress: 9-10-2007

This is the first in a new series of posts that will depict the construction progress of new projects in the Bay Area. In general, I’ll stick to high-rise or major mid-rise developments, as well as more unique projects — for example, museums, theaters, or otherwise notable cultural buildings. Why would I ever want to … Continue reading


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