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November 2008 Election: Yes on Measure VV (AC Transit Parcel Tax)

There has been an hypocrisy underlying the conversation in California concerning transit and sustainability. On the one hand, we talk about curbing sprawl and offsetting climate change; but on the other hand, we also yank the funds that already cash-strapped transit agencies need to operate. This year, AC Transit, which provides fuel-dependent bus service, got … Continue reading

Berkeley BRT Ballot Initiative City Council Update

Given the fact that the Berkeley City Council decided not to litigate against the anti-BRT voter initiative — choosing instead to “honor the initiative process” — it was clear that the initiative would indeed be added to the November ballot. That said, I thought I should probably add this update to clarify any potential confusion … Continue reading

City of Berkeley v. Voters of Berkeley Averted

The last time we picked up the seemingly endless saga concerning the mere 1 to 1.5 miles of bus-only lanes proposed for the Berkeley leg of AC Transit’s BRT project along Telegraph Avenue, the Berkeley Daily Planet had propagated an outright lie, alleging that the San Leandro City Council had already “opted out” of its … Continue reading

Not Everyone in the East Bay Hates BRT

Not everyone in the East Bay hates BRT. Here is an article from the Daily Review, forwarded by Hank Resnik of the Berkeley group Friends of BRT. The Berkeley Daily Planet continues to cement its reputation as one of the Bay Area’s most definitive sources for fact-free journalism, by “reporting” that the San Leandro City … Continue reading

AC Transit Joins the Google Transit Roster

AC Transit joins the Google Transit roster. A few weeks ago, we reported that Muni was finally integrated into the Google Maps transit planner, and we are very happy to report that AC Transit has also been added to the roster. The bus stops for Muni and AC Transit have not been permanently embedded into … Continue reading

Rapid Bus Minus

Proposed BRT at Shattuck Avenue & Bancroft in Berkeley. Courtesy FMG Architects. And so it continues: the ever-committed opponents of Bus Rapid Transit in supposedly progressive Berkeley have hatched a plan to stop BRT in the East Bay — “Rapid Bus Plus,” a brainchild of the group Berkeleyans for Better Transportation Options (BBTOP). Under “Rapid … Continue reading

East Bay BRT Expansion

This post will lay out a guide for future bus rapid transit expansion in the East Bay; it is the companion to a San Francisco BRT post from a couple months ago. The map at right (click through for a full-sized map, hosted on Flickr) is a visual depiction of what a future rapid bus … Continue reading

Transit Maps Update: 3-23-2008

Transit Maps Update: 3-23-2008. As promised, AC Transit has now made its official debut on the transit stop maps with the popular 51 Broadway, along with its late night companion, the 851. Also included is the 54 line, which runs along 35th Avenue in Oakland. As with the other maps, documentation of transfer points is … Continue reading

Reader Inquiry: Ridership on AC Transit’s Transbay O Route

Reader Inquiry: Ridership on AC Transit’s Transbay O Route. I noticed that someone has hit this site a few times, searching for ridership information on AC Transit’s O route, which is the transbay route that largely runs on the Alameda portion of the 51/851 route. This is a question that before now has remained unanswered … Continue reading

East Bay BRT Hits Snag at Lake Merritt

Courtesy Flickr member in2jazz. The Berkeley Daily Planet mentioned last week a problem point in the planning of the proposed East Bay bus rapid transit route, which would run from Berkeley to San Leandro via Telegraph Avenue, downtown Oakland, and East 14th Street. The issue concerns the new street replacing the expressway around Lake Merritt, … Continue reading


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