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Yesterday, the Appeal published a weekend Muni update mentioning a permanent bus stop relocation that will go into effect starting this weekend.  The update is ostensibly sourced from the SFMTA, although the agency’s official transit updates page lacks any mention of this particular item.  The bus stop at issue — served by the 8X, 30, … Continue reading

Are the proposed SB 375 targets ambitious enough to achieve California’s goals?

The State Air Resources Board (ARB) has now proposed regional targets for California’s eighteen metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), and Senate Bill 375 requires that the Board adopt the final targets by September 30, 2010.  As previously discussed, the proposed targets are the product of a “bottom-up” approach, in which ARB has relied heavily on technical … Continue reading

Transbay Transit Center: Groundbreaking Ceremony

News media writeups: KTVU, ABC, CBS, Examiner, and SF Gate blog posts here and here.

Air Resources Board proposes final regional targets for SB 375

Agency staff from the State Air Resources Board (ARB) has now proposed final targets for Senate Bill 375, which quantify each region’s target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by the years 2020 and 2035.  The targets are the product of the “bottom-up” approach that ARB has adopted — the direct outgrowth of a collaborative process … Continue reading

Transbay Terminal: The Final Hour

In the early morning hours of August 7, a relatively small but devoted group of transit advocates gathered at First and Mission to participate in the historic final closure of the Transbay Terminal.  We were joined by many others — including AC Transit Director Chris Peeples, TJPA Executive Director Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan, as well as photographers … Continue reading

Farewell, Transbay Terminal

The day has finally arrived.  The Transbay Terminal — in operation since January 15, 1939, first as a rail hub, and then as a bus station since 1959 — will close permanently tonight, in preparation for its upcoming demolition. The Terminal will close shortly after midnight, following a few final AC Transit runs.  After several … Continue reading

Regional HOT lane network going back to the drawing board

When last updating the Bay Area’s Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) in Spring 2009, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission reserved a distinguished place in the RTP for its planned regional network of high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes.  The plan envisions freeway motorists paying tolls via FasTrak to beat the traffic jams, by entering specific lanes otherwise designated for … Continue reading

BART Board selects alignment for Livermore extension

This past year BART has been working its way through the environmental review process for the planned extension to Livermore.  The goals of this process were to select a preferred alignment alternative from among the many considered and to preserve necessary right-of-way.  A draft Program Environmental Impact Report was released last fall, which provided preliminary … Continue reading

ARB releases draft greenhouse gas targets for SB 375

The State Air Resources Board (ARB) is required to set emissions reduction targets this year for the initial planning cycle set in motion by Senate Bill 375.  These targets reflect regional goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles and light duty trucks.  The bill requires that ARB release draft targets by June 30 … Continue reading

Record of Decision issued for BART to San Jose

BART to San Jose has advanced one step forward in the New Starts process.  The Federal Transit Administration has now issued a Record of Decision (ROD) for the BART extension, which marks federal approval of the project’s environmental impact statement.  The ROD only covers the initial phase between Warm Springs and Berryessa, including two new … Continue reading


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