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Record of Decision issued for BART to San Jose

BART to San Jose has advanced one step forward in the New Starts process.  The Federal Transit Administration has now issued a Record of Decision (ROD) for the BART extension, which marks federal approval of the project’s environmental impact statement.  The ROD only covers the initial phase between Warm Springs and Berryessa, including two new stations at Milpitas and Berryessa.

VTA seeks a $900 million federal contribution toward the $2.1 billion Berryessa extension.  The ROD qualifies VTA to move forward in the process, and the next step is to execute a Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) in February 2011, which would allow VTA to obtain the federal funding it needs to build the project.  Construction could begin in 2012, and revenue service could commence in 2018.



10 thoughts on “Record of Decision issued for BART to San Jose

  1. Terrible, terrible waste of $2.1 billion. Then again, I’m not surprised. We’re dealing with BART. Commuter rail disguised as mass transit. Meanwhile, urban core areas (including downtown SJ), which could use BART, go without. The Central Subway To Nowhere and BART-to-almost-San Jose projects must end.

    Posted by Mark | 25 June 2010, 10:08 am
  2. Berryessa is in San Jose, so that project by definition is to San Jose. It will be just a smaller mistake rather than a big mistake (if it were to build it any further). If anyone in Southern California wants more money for transit down there, we will be happy to help your legislators to fight for your projects and against ours. For the same money VTA and Muni is seeking from the feds, it would be better used to extend LA Metro lines.

    Posted by Andy Chow | 25 June 2010, 11:43 pm
  3. Well, given that it was supposed to be “BART to Santa Clara”, I’m not quite sure we can call it a success quite yet…

    Posted by Peter | 26 June 2010, 9:44 am
  4. Expand Caltrain. I would think it would be alot cheaper to lay down tracks and get service going now, and electrify the system later? Caltrain Metro East is superior, even without the Dumbarton segment.

    Posted by Joel | 26 June 2010, 1:58 pm
  5. So our “friends” @ BART and MTC celebrate 2010 as the year of the Fourth Bore (encouraging auto centric sprawl), the OAC (amusement park transit for suburbanites who are afraid of buses), and gold plated transit to underdeveloped sprawlburbs. Meanwhile, MTC is circulating a study that shoes (surprise) NO TRANSIT will be affordable to operate in the future without major new funding, changes in pension/healthcare spending, and greater driver productivity. Perhaps the different parts of MTC should talk to each other. Meanwhile, transyacht (Clipper if you prefer) goes on spending money on PR while ignoring programming issues which generate driver–rider arguments.

    (sidebar) Sen Boxer recently gushed in an e mail about attending the grounbreaking for the Caldecott as if it were some sort of progress. How much GHG will it cause both during and after?

    Posted by david vartanoff | 27 June 2010, 2:17 pm
  6. BART should run down Geary first, and use the operating profits from that line to fund their obviously desired suburban expansions, which will always run on a subsidy

    Posted by Brandon | 28 June 2010, 7:27 pm
  7. If BART is going to go ahead with the expansion boondoggle to San Jose then it should go the entire distance as previously planned, not stop short outside of downtown SJ/Santa Clara. Otherwise, the line is a total wash. SF residents are begging for real mass transit and keep getting shafted.

    Posted by Mark | 2 July 2010, 7:32 pm
  8. South of Berryessa, the tracks descend into the tunnel routed under downtown San Jose, and there isn’t enough money available to build the whole extension at once. But VTA has had their eye on the full line for awhile now, and will no doubt continue to put on hold most other South Bay transit improvements until they get their full line.

    Posted by Eric | 2 July 2010, 7:41 pm
  9. Thanks, Caltrain, for this boondoggle. It’s partly the Caltrain Board’s fault that this is seen as a good idea: after all, BART will provide a rail transit link from SF to SJ once Caltrain shuts down, which the board has led us to believe is both imminent and inevitable.

    Posted by anonymouse | 7 July 2010, 8:19 am
  10. Anonymouse, if your idea of “SF to SJ” is to end up in Berryessa via the East Bay, then I suppose this qualifies as a Caltrain replacement. If your destination is along the Peninsula, then perhaps not.

    If I’m looking for villains in this story, I think I’d start with several South Bay politicians who promised “Traffic Relief Now” in 2000.

    Posted by MikeOnBike | 7 July 2010, 2:34 pm

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