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SB 375 and the AB 32 Ballot Measure

Earlier this month, it was revealed that a ballot measure proposed by the so-called “California Jobs Initiative” had obtained more than enough signatures to allow it to be added to the November 2010 ballot.  This ballot measure, if approved by California voters, would require that Assembly Bill 32, the state’s global warming law, be suspended when the unemployment rate is too high.

In light of the connection between Senate Bill 375 and AB 32, a blog reader wrote in with a question, asking whether suspension of AB 32 would also require suspending SB 375.  I believe that even if AB 32 is suspended, it should not be necessary to also suspend SB 375.  Supposing that other readers might be interested in this question, I have added the question and a more detailed answer to the SB 375 page — you can click here to jump straight to discussion of the AB 32 question.



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