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Upcoming Meetings in San Leandro

The exact fate, scope, and timing of AC Transit’s bus rapid transit project is now up in the air, since AC Transit announced it would like to divert some of the project’s funding toward operations. Nonetheless, the planning work that has been underway for BRT still continues — so that the project can be built in the future, when there is a better understanding of the funding situation and what a realistic timeline would look like. This fall, meetings will be held throughout the East Bay to educate citizens and get feedback on the locally preferred alternative for BRT. The goal then will be to the complete environmental documents by about spring 2010.

An initial set of meetings will be held in San Leandro over the next couple of weeks. The first meeting is tonight, and there will be two additional meetings, on the evening of October 27, and the morning of November 7. The focus of these meetings is how BRT will operate on the southernmost segment of the route, in San Leandro along East 14th Street, between the Oakland city limit and the Bayfair BART station. AC Transit, plus all three cities along the route, should know that despite the recent funding setback, this project remains an important priority for their constituents who want to see better transit in the East Bay. So these meetings are not only a nice opportunity to learn more details about the project, but are also a key opportunity for advocates to express their support for BRT.

The meeting details:

  • Thursday, October 22 – San Leandro Public Library (300 Estudillo Avenue, San Leandro), 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday, October 27 – Bayfair Mall, 2nd floor (15555 East 14th Street, San Leandro), 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, November 7 – City Hall South Office (835 East 14th Street, San Leandro), 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

Click here to see the flyer (PDF) with full details, including information about how to win a free AC Transit ticket.



One thought on “Upcoming Meetings in San Leandro

  1. In reading your posts, Eric, it’s obvious to me how passionate you are about the transportation and planning needs of the Bay Area. I encourage you to never give up your quest for an efficient infrastructure. Your ideas, and the conviction behind them, properly represent the thinking professional that you are. May you attract powerful allies who are as enthusiastic as yourself. You rock, dude!

    Posted by Positive California | 28 October 2009, 11:08 am

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