Service Updates

Storm-Related Service Updates

Pretty crazy storm last night, wasn’t it? We could definitely use the rain, but there have been a lot of problems. Earlier today, over half a million people were without power in the Bay Area alone, and many more around the state. That number is reducing as PG&E works to restore power, but outages could last through the weekend. The eastbound direction of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge is still closed, along with many other roads around the Bay Area; that bridge’s westbound direction was just reopened. Of course, there are many transit delays as well, as agencies scramble to set service right again. Updates after the jump:

1) Northbound BART service between Daly City and 24th Street stations was still shut down, as of 2:00 pm today, but BART is running a bus bridge. Southbound service in this segment of track has been restored. Trains are generally running slower than usual, with small delays across the system.

2) Service has been disrupted throughout San Francisco on parts of many Muni lines; the link has more details.

3) Golden Gate Transit has started running ferries again; a schedule, along with other updates, are posted here on GGT website.

Transit 511 is posting updates on BART, bus, and ferry service on their announcements page; you can check back there regularly to see when service disruptions have been cleared. Good luck getting through the day, and please stay safe!



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