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When compromise may be futile

Over the past couple of years, the SFMTA has made small but important streetscape changes to boost performance of the N-Judah. The N is San Francisco’s most well-used light rail line with over 40,000 daily riders, but the condition of certain surface street segments is less than ideal. Daily boardings at a few of the … Continue reading

Transit lanes for Church Street

On Church Street in San Francisco near the intersection of Market Street — a nexus of light rail, streetcar, and bus lines — a simple but potentially transformative street improvement was put in place over the weekend. The center lanes of Church Street between Duboce Avenue and 16th Street were painted a bright, fierce red, … Continue reading

Two-way conversion of Ellis and Eddy moving forward

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency finally seems to be pursuing two-way conversion for a handful of one-way blocks in the Tenderloin on Ellis and Eddy streets.  Ellis and Eddy, as well as other streets in the Tenderloin, host relatively minimal vehicle traffic.  Yet despite the neighborhood’s very low vehicle ownership rate [1], these streets … Continue reading

Killing Muni Softly: Foreseeable Emergency

“Killing Muni Softly” is the sort of post title one would rather use at most once, preferably not at all — but certainly not as the headnote of an occasional series.  No such luck in San Francisco, where transit is caught in a death cycle that may be on course to spiral out of control.  And while … Continue reading

SFTEP Moves Forward to Environmental Assessment

This evening, the SFMTA Board endorsed 7-0 the latest set of revisions of the Transit Effectiveness Project, which was the subject of rather extensive public hearing last month. The Board’s unanimous vote effectively closes the planning phase and moves the project forward into the environmental assessment and implementation phase. Rollouts of specific recommendations are anticipated … Continue reading

SF Transit Effectiveness Project: Fall 2008 Route Revisions

Last month, the SFMTA released its revised proposals of Muni reroutes for the Transit Effectiveness Project. TEP staff have modified the initial TEP proposals offered this past February, taking into account the commentary offered by members of public at a slew of community meetings held throughout the City this past spring. The next step is … Continue reading

Pushing the TEP Envelope

Courtesy SFMTA. A couple weeks ago, Fran Taylor, who writes for the Mission Dispatch, posted commentary about the SFMTA’s Transit Effectiveness Project. The article focused on the proposed service changes for the Mission and Bernal Heights, comparing the reach of current service to the reach of the TEP’s proposed routes (see map at right; streets … Continue reading

Have Your Say on the Transit Effectiveness Project

We’ve spoken here before about the draft proposals for the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP), a plan to streamline Muni service and make it faster and more reliable. The proposed changes do not amount to a huge change in the physical environment; indeed, infrastructure investments would mostly be limited to streetscape improvements and transit preferential signal … Continue reading

SFTEP: Proposed Route Changes

Today the SFMTA released documents which outline its initial proposals for how to improve reliability of Muni and decrease travel times. The proposals are a response to the data collected over the past one-and-a-half years via the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP), Muni’s first attempt in a couple decades to study how its riders use the … Continue reading

Good News for Mission Street

Good news for Mission Street. At long last, Muni’s Transit Effectiveness Project may bear some fruit on Mission Street, one of San Francisco’s most popular and crowded transit corridors. With over 65,000 daily riders, the 49 and the different versions of the 14 fight through congested city streets, dodging traffic and double-parked vehicles with nothing … Continue reading


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