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About Face: Governor Signs Gas Tax Swap Legislation, After All

Although Governor Schwarzenegger indicated last week that he planned to veto the the Legislature’s modification of his gas tax swap budget proposal, the Governor did an about face tonight and signed AB X8 6 and AB X8 9 into law. AB X8 6 and AB X8 9 form the pair of budget bills (explained in … Continue reading

California Legislature Passes Legislation to Restore STA Funding

Actually encouraging news … from Sacramento? Could it be?  Dare we hope? The State Legislature, as part of the ongoing state budget effort, has passed a pair of bills, AB X8 6 and AB X8 9, which would establish a tax swap and restore State Transit Assistance (STA) funding, a critical source of money that … Continue reading

Killing Muni Softly: Foreseeable Emergency

“Killing Muni Softly” is the sort of post title one would rather use at most once, preferably not at all — but certainly not as the headnote of an occasional series.  No such luck in San Francisco, where transit is caught in a death cycle that may be on course to spiral out of control.  And while … Continue reading

SFMTA Weighs Proposals To Close FY11-12 Budget Gap

Since we last wrote about the year-end FY10 budget, MTA adjusted the amount of savings that would result from certain measures and incorporated $6 million of funding from the Oakland Airport Connector’s ARRA component to be applied toward operations and preventive maintenance.  The MTA Board has since confirmed its desire to move forward with the … Continue reading

Obama FY 2011 Budget Includes Transit Funding for the Bay Area

The Obama Administration has released its proposed budget for FY 2011.  The U.S. Department of Transportation’s portion of the budget, which accounts for $78.8 billion, mostly perpetuates the status quo approach to transportation spending.  In particular, it includes requests for FHWA ($42.1 billion), FAA ($16.5 billion), FTA ($10.8 billion), the National Infrastructure Innovation and Finance … Continue reading

Killing Muni Softly: End of FY10 Budget Scramble

In December 2009, the San Francisco MTA implemented sweeping changes to Muni service that affected more than half of the routes in the system.  The changes redrew routes, renumbered routes, eliminated a few routes, eliminated some route segments, and even added some service.  While those changes have not been completely successful in all aspects, we … Continue reading

FTA and TIFIA Funds for AC Transit, Central Subway, and Transbay

This week, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced various grants, including money that will be coming to the Bay Area. One pot of money in the ARRA federal stimulus bill that we have not yet discussed here are the Transit Investments for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction (TIGGER) grants. Not to be confused with the … Continue reading


Courtesy of Flickr user MSPdude. This Saturday, a momentous event occurred — not just once, but twice: the number of riders on Muni’s 74X CultureBus reached double digits. No, really — we saw it with our own eyes. Of course, that’s only thanks to the party organized by the SF Appeal to honor the final … Continue reading

SFCTA Moves Forward With Geary BRT Alternatives

The SFCTA recently released a report (PDF), which, to no one’s surprise, affirmed the agency’s desire to pursue bus rapid transit on Geary instead of light rail. The BRT route would feature dedicated bus lanes and platforms on wide Geary Boulevard, but no dedicated lanes in the downtown segment of the route east of Gough. … Continue reading

Tweets from April 7 SMFTA Budget Hearing

In the spirit of Tom Prete’s reposted tweets from SPUR’s Central Subway talk, I collected the series of Twitter messages I posted during the April 7 SFMTA budget hearing. I missed the first part, so it’s not a complete transcript, but it gives a pretty good idea about how transit riders and the MTA Board … Continue reading


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