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June 2008 Election: State Legislature Roundup

This post will provide some information on the Democratic primary for the California legislature campaigns. The blurbs that follow are essentially endorsements, but I hesitate to use the word “endorsement” here, because to my mind, use of that word ought to be supported by a fuller discussion, drawing on a large range of issues. Because … Continue reading

June 2008 Election: Propositions 98, 99 and Eminent Domain

The Bay Area has a few rent control hotspots (notably San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose) and is a progressive place in general — so by this point, only one day before the election, I expect most people are up to their ears in chants of “Save Rent Control, Vote No on 98.” The point … Continue reading

Thank You, San Francisco…

… for valuing world-class transit above world-class parking and traffic; for voting in favor of clean air, not pollution; and most of all, for confirming the conviction that transit-first livability is the path that this city should continue to pursue in the future:

Update on “Transit, not Traffic” Vote Counts

There is some great news to report on the Prop A/H vote counts. Last night, early absentee vote counts were reported. Those counts showed a very slight edge (essentially a tie) for Prop A on Muni reform, and a very comfortable lead of 16 points against Prop H. The updated counts were posted just a … Continue reading

The Final Push for “Yes on A, No on H”

UPDATE (November 6, 2007): Early absentee ballot results show that yes/no votes for Prop A are essentially tied, with “yes” votes in the very slight lead. In the meantime, “no” votes for Prop H have a substantial edge so far, roughly 58% no to 42% yes. This is an encouraging start at least on the … Continue reading

Yes on A, No on H: “Transit, Not Traffic” Around the Internet

Discussion on the “Yes on A, No on H” campaign for Transit, not Traffic, continues around the Internet, and so I’ll continue to post links to some of these sites, for interested readers who might not have run into them: The Bikescape blog has a posted a podcast about the Transit, Not Traffic campaign, featuring … Continue reading

Vote For Transit, Not Traffic

San Francisco voters this election are faced with a key choice that will have very significant effects on the city’s future. On the one hand, voters will be asked to consider Proposition A, which would reform Muni and address many issues that are fundamental to operational difficulties that Muni has faced in the past decade. … Continue reading

Volunteer for the “Transit, Not Traffic” Campaign

UPDATE: Please also read this newer post on Transit, Not Traffic. Yes on A, No on H! I’ve written once before about the opportunity to help out the “Transit, Not Traffic” (Yes on A, No on H) campaign through phone banking at the SEIU. However, if you don’t like phone banking, there are other ways … Continue reading

Proposition A: Vote for Muni Reform

Now that ballots have been mailed out and the election is just a few short weeks away, it seemed the right time to post about the transit-related measures. This November’s ballot for San Francisco will include Proposition A, the Muni reform charter amendment sponsored by Supervisor Aaron Peskin. Proposition A was offered in opposition to … Continue reading

Help Spread the Word about the Muni Reform Initiative

Interested in helping out a good cause? Please take some time out of your schedule to phone your fellow citizens, encouraging them, come November, to vote for the Muni reform charter amendment (Proposition A) and to vote against the misguided “Parking for Neighborhoods” initiative (Proposition H). I received this email recently from Dave Snyder over … Continue reading


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