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Volunteer for the “Transit, Not Traffic” Campaign

UPDATE: Please also read this newer post on Transit, Not Traffic. Yes on A, No on H!

I’ve written once before about the opportunity to help out the “Transit, Not Traffic” (Yes on A, No on H) campaign through phone banking at the SEIU. However, if you don’t like phone banking, there are other ways to participate, including in person rider outreach. If you can, please carve out some time to help spread the word about Muni reform in Proposition A, and to help voters properly recognize Proposition H for what it really is.

You can sign up as a volunteer at the Yes on Prop A website, but “Yes on A, No on H” campaign manager Natasha Marsh has also set forth in an email some of the volunteer opportunities for the next few weeks:

  • Absentee Voter Phonebank: Call absentee voters to identify supporters and encourage them to cast votes.
    When: Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 5:30-8:30 pm.
    Where: SEIU Local 1021, at 350 Rhode Island. Note: the door is on 17th/Kansas; look for a sign in the window.
    Info/RSVP: Call Matt at (619) 948-8901.
  • Muni Rider Outreach
    When: Tuesday mornings; Wednesday and Thursday evening commute hours.
    Where: Montgomery BART/Muni Metro station.
    Info: Call Fred at 375-1972.
  • Saturday Mobilization
    When: Saturdays at 10:00 am.
    Where: Rossi Playground, 600 Arguello (at Anza).
    Info/RSVP: Call Natasha at (510) 520-5952.

Prop A doesn’t have Republican billionaires backing it, and every bit of volunteer outreach is important to make crystal clear to voters the potentially destructive impact of Prop H. This is our chance to show Don Fisher that he cannot simply buy San Francisco votes.




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