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April 2009 BART Budget and Project Updates

UPDATE (24 April 2009): At its April 23 meeting, the BART board decided to postpone approval of the Oakland Airport Connector, but nonetheless approved the transfer of $50 million of seismic retrofit funding and $70 million of ARRA stimulus funding to the project. Meanwhile, the FEIR for eBART was approved 8-1, with Tom Radulovich dissenting. … Continue reading

Regional Proposal for the Bay Area Transportation Stimulus

This Wednesday, February 25, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission expects to approve its proposed allocation of the federal stimulus money that will be made available to the Bay Area for transportation purposes. The stimulus package that was ultimately approved changed since our last post on this subject, and so MTC has accordingly made changes to its … Continue reading

Squeezing the Sponge Dry

In the last two budget cycles, California’s leaders elected to redirect some $3 billion away from transit agencies. But a proposed budget deal would now finish off the job and take the rest of what little remains: $230 million of State Transit Assistance funds due from the 2008-09 September budget, and the full $306 million … Continue reading

Stimulus Update: Details from the Final Package

Talking Points Memo has the details on allocations in the final stimulus package. How do things stand as far as transportation is concerned? On funding for roads and bridges, a compromise was hatched between the House version ($30 billion) and the Senate version (just over $27 billion). The final damage? $29 billion. The funding transit … Continue reading

Menu for the Bay Area Transportation Stimulus

Although we have yet to see a fully reconciled stimulus bill to come from Congress and President Obama, agencies across the nation are eagerly putting together their wish lists for how to spend their portion of the $800 billion-plus stimulus pie. Here in the Bay Area, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission has released a draft (PDF) … Continue reading

Stimulus Update: Collins-Nelson Senate Compromise

UPDATE (10 Feb 2009): The Senate passed its $838 billion version of the stimulus plan. Three Republicans joined the Democrats for the 61-37 vote. More details forthcoming about the conference committee. Last week in the Senate stimulus saw California’s Barbara Boxer — who, ironically, happens to chair the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works … Continue reading

Stimulus Update: Thoroughly Unstimulating

UPDATE: Preliminary word indicates that Senator Boxer’s $50 billion push for highways did not pass. UPDATE: The two Bond amendments (see below), which would divert $2 billion for high-speed rail and $5.5 billion of grants that could fund transit and reapply the funds for highways, are an urgent matter today. Call your Senator right away … Continue reading

Stimulus Update: Nadler’s Boost and the Senate Recovery Plan

Yesterday, Jerry Nadler’s stimulus amendment was approved, adding $3 billion of transit funds to the House stimulus ($1.5 billion for transit capital formula grants, and $1.5 billion for New Starts). In addition, an amendment proposed by Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) to strip Amtrak funding was defeated yesterday. Thanks to everyone who phoned their representatives in support … Continue reading

Stimulus Update: Nadler Amendment Clears the Rules Committee

Some nice news tonight: Representative Jerry Nadler’s amendment to the stimulus package cleared the House Rules Committee. The Nadler amendment would add $3 billion of funding to the transit stimulus — $1.5 billion for transit capital assistance, and $1.5 billion for New Starts — thus increasing the current $9 billion transit allocation to $12 billion. … Continue reading

Stimulus Update: Nadler In, DeFazio Out, and Senate Rumblings

Peter DeFazio’s federal stimulus amendment — which, as we discussed yesterday, would have secured an additional $2 billion in the $825 billion stimulus plan for “transit energy assistance grants,” including transit operations — was unfortunately withdrawn yesterday. Thanks to all of you who phoned in yesterday to express your support for that amendment. But new … Continue reading


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