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Rapid Bus Minus

Proposed BRT at Shattuck Avenue & Bancroft in Berkeley. Courtesy FMG Architects. And so it continues: the ever-committed opponents of Bus Rapid Transit in supposedly progressive Berkeley have hatched a plan to stop BRT in the East Bay — “Rapid Bus Plus,” a brainchild of the group Berkeleyans for Better Transportation Options (BBTOP). Under “Rapid … Continue reading


East Bay BRT Expansion

This post will lay out a guide for future bus rapid transit expansion in the East Bay; it is the companion to a San Francisco BRT post from a couple months ago. The map at right (click through for a full-sized map, hosted on Flickr) is a visual depiction of what a future rapid bus … Continue reading

Subway Dream (East Bay)

If you haven’t gotten to it already, please check out the introductory post. Also, the San Francisco half of the map can be found in this post. Unlike the San Francisco half of the map, which takes a stab at expanding both the BART and Muni Metro systems, the East Bay half of the map … Continue reading

Berkeley NIMBY Ordinance Holds the Elmwood District Hostage

Bolfing’s Elmwood Hardware, the famous hardware store which opened in 1923 and has since come to be a key fixture of the Elmwood District in South Berkeley, is in danger of closing its doors — and this only months after Telegraph Avenue lost Cody’s Books, a venerable Berkeley institution of 50 years. Why is Elmwood … Continue reading


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