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Air Resources Board works to meet June deadline for SB 375 draft GHG targets

Cal/EPA and ARB in Sacramento. Courtesy of Capitol Weekly. In Senate Bill 375, the Legislature required the State Air Resources Board (ARB) to establish regional targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in California attributable to vehicles and light duty trucks.  ARB will release draft GHG targets by June 30, 2010, and will continue to cooperate … Continue reading

New Feature on SB 375

Sprawl in Rocklin, CA, outside of Sacramento. Courtesy of Flickr user I’ve written before about Senate Bill 375, California’s recently enacted anti-sprawl land use planning law, on this blog, but the bill passed back in 2008.  Since it’s been awhile, a refresher seemed in order.  Towards that end, I’ve written a new blog page, … Continue reading

Court Invalidates the Pleasanton Housing Cap

In 1996, the City of Pleasanton adopted Measure GG, which set a strict housing cap.  Under Measure GG, no more than 29,000 units could be built within the city.  Although it took awhile, fourteen years later, Pleasanton’s housing cap has finally been ruled to be illegal.  Judge Frank Roesch, of Alameda County Superior Court, issued … Continue reading

Jerry Brown to Pleasanton: Housing and Climate Change Are Connected

Land use is famously about local controversies. Neighborhood groups, often brandishing long, unwieldy names like “Citizens For A More Responsible” something-or-other, fill up municipal legislative chambers demanding justice; other distinctly local personalities may also emerge into the forefront of the discussion. In addition, land use decisions are often based on a context made up of … Continue reading

CEQA Terminator

Courtesy of the Guardian. Two weeks ago, legislature Democrats approved a plan to address California’s budget woes through June 2010, accounting for $18 billion of the anticipated $41.6 billion shortfall. The plan included $7.3 billion of cuts and and $9.3 billion of general fund revenue — but $5.7 billion of that would be sourced from … Continue reading

Can MTC Take the Heat? Redux

Remember this past summer, when we ruminated about the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s ongoing update to the Regional Transportation Plan (Transportation 2035)? Remember when we were peeved by MTC’s unwillingness to heed the sage advice of the Advisory Council, the body that encouraged MTC to reevaluate $191 billion worth of “committed” projects, including several billion dollars … Continue reading

SB 375 and AB 1358: Victory for Livability Legislation

September 30 at midnight is the deadline for the Governor to sign bills into law, and in light of the record-late budget, legislation has been stacking up. Amidst all the signed and vetoed bills, I am happy to report that SB 375 and AB 1358, two important pieces of “livability legislation” that we have been … Continue reading

The Mismatch of California Planning

At long last, a record 84 days into the fiscal year, California state leaders are settling into a budget, albeit one that is far from ideal. Par for the course, transit funding is taking a big hit: $952 million diverted, and possibly $100 million more, which would leave just $306-$406 million of transit funds. We … Continue reading

Getting Somewhere on Land Use

Downtown Oakland, Courtesy Flickr user joshua aaron. Earlier this week, we spent some time delving into SB 375, the landmark Senate Bill that recently passed through the legislature and, at the time of writing this post, awaits only the Governor’s signature. The bill unifies transportation and land use planning, housing, and global warming into one … Continue reading

Planning for Climate Change

Mt. Diablo, courtesy Flickr user qf8. In August 2006, the California legislature passed the Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32), and the Governor approved it one month later, on September 27, 2006. AB 32 aims to transform California into a global leader in the climate change battle, requiring that greenhouse gas emissions levels be reduced … Continue reading


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