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An Open Letter to the Green Governor

To Governor Schwarzenegger:

It’s quite clearly the case, Green Governor, that we need to
fix California’s transit systems, which are broke and breaking.
Under-served areas had critical lifeline service put to the chopping block, but
climate change demands that we reduce vehicle miles traveled statewide.
Killing the gas sales tax and raising the excise tax will only facilitate
your relentless theft of transit funding, in this budget, as in so many
others — though your action now undermines the rulings of state courts.
Undeniably, you have started down the wrong path. For shame, Arnold, for shame.

Transbay Blog

P.S. Rest assured that any message you may find hidden in this letter is merely coincidental.



6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Green Governor

  1. I hate myself for having to get behind the wheel again after living without a car for the past 16 years in DC, NYC and 8 out of 9 years in SF. I promised myself that when I graduated from college back in the day that I would only live in a city that had reliable mass transit so I could proudly go about my life without the pressure of owning a car. I also thought I would be helping the environment. I’m sad to say that today I now rely on my partner’s car to get me from Parkside/Sunset to where I need to be simply because it is so much faster than dealing with the unreliability of MUNI. It unsettles me that many third world countries have a more vested interest in mass transit systems than this country does.

    Posted by Mark | 11 January 2010, 4:16 pm
  2. Very passionate post which MANY Californians agree with. Gubernatorial and senatorial candidates would be wise to heed such straight-forward sentiments. You might be shocked to know how many folks in Southern California would readily agree with you. Though we Calbloggers ‘swing swords’ in different ‘trenches’, we share the same level of FRUSTRATION with incompetence — and planned chaos. We can never give up, though, whether we wield the carrot or the stick. Influence, based in practical truth, is a tremendously powerful force. Never hold back.

    Posted by Californiality | 15 January 2010, 1:31 am
  3. “I fuck you”

    You want to fuck Arnold? HOly shit.

    Posted by Spokker | 15 January 2010, 1:08 pm
  4. Spokker: thanks, but no thanks. ;-)

    If you click through the link at the bottom and look at the original letter, you’ll see it also begins with the letter “I.” I’m simply keeping true to the original.

    Posted by Eric | 15 January 2010, 1:16 pm


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