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Stimulus Update: Collins-Nelson Senate Compromise

UPDATE (10 Feb 2009): The Senate passed its $838 billion version of the stimulus plan. Three Republicans joined the Democrats for the 61-37 vote. More details forthcoming about the conference committee. Last week in the Senate stimulus saw California’s Barbara Boxer — who, ironically, happens to chair the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works … Continue reading

Stimulus Update: Thoroughly Unstimulating

UPDATE: Preliminary word indicates that Senator Boxer’s $50 billion push for highways did not pass. UPDATE: The two Bond amendments (see below), which would divert $2 billion for high-speed rail and $5.5 billion of grants that could fund transit and reapply the funds for highways, are an urgent matter today. Call your Senator right away … Continue reading

Stimulus Update: Nadler’s Boost and the Senate Recovery Plan

Yesterday, Jerry Nadler’s stimulus amendment was approved, adding $3 billion of transit funds to the House stimulus ($1.5 billion for transit capital formula grants, and $1.5 billion for New Starts). In addition, an amendment proposed by Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) to strip Amtrak funding was defeated yesterday. Thanks to everyone who phoned their representatives in support … Continue reading

Stimulus Update: Nadler Amendment Clears the Rules Committee

Some nice news tonight: Representative Jerry Nadler’s amendment to the stimulus package cleared the House Rules Committee. The Nadler amendment would add $3 billion of funding to the transit stimulus — $1.5 billion for transit capital assistance, and $1.5 billion for New Starts — thus increasing the current $9 billion transit allocation to $12 billion. … Continue reading

Stimulus Update: Nadler In, DeFazio Out, and Senate Rumblings

Peter DeFazio’s federal stimulus amendment — which, as we discussed yesterday, would have secured an additional $2 billion in the $825 billion stimulus plan for “transit energy assistance grants,” including transit operations — was unfortunately withdrawn yesterday. Thanks to all of you who phoned in yesterday to express your support for that amendment. But new … Continue reading

Stimulus Update: DeFazio Amendment at the Rules Committee

Peter DeFazio; courtesy of UPDATE (27 January 2008): The general information in this post is still relevant, but DeFazio’s amendment has been withdrawn. New details are posted here. As we have mentioned before in the context of a proposal made by the Congress for the New Urbanism, the current draft of the federal stimulus … Continue reading

San Jose Diridon: Grand Central or Bust

Top: San Jose Diridon Station, courtesy of MTC. Bottom: New York City’s Grand Central Terminal, courtesy of NY Links. Well, it’s official. Santa Clara County Measure B — assessing a 1/8 percent sales tax, the proceeds from which will be applied to operation and maintenance of the BART to San Jose extension — finally passed, … Continue reading

November 2008 Election: Yes on Measure VV (AC Transit Parcel Tax)

There has been an hypocrisy underlying the conversation in California concerning transit and sustainability. On the one hand, we talk about curbing sprawl and offsetting climate change; but on the other hand, we also yank the funds that already cash-strapped transit agencies need to operate. This year, AC Transit, which provides fuel-dependent bus service, got … Continue reading

BART to San Jose (Volume 4): All’s Well As Ends Better

As things stand now, reasonably frequent rail service circles almost the entirety of San Francisco Bay. Caltrain serves the western shore of the Bay, while BART serves the eastern shore down to Fremont, and four BART routes operate in the Transbay Tube. The missing hole is the segment between Fremont and San Jose Diridon Station, … Continue reading

The Mismatch of California Planning

At long last, a record 84 days into the fiscal year, California state leaders are settling into a budget, albeit one that is far from ideal. Par for the course, transit funding is taking a big hit: $952 million diverted, and possibly $100 million more, which would leave just $306-$406 million of transit funds. We … Continue reading


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