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It turns out that Transbay Blog does not excel at taking vacations, since we posted even during our “hiatus.” But in light of the interesting developments that are in store for 2009 on the local, state, and federal levels, this site is returning from hiatus, with the caveat that posts may appear on a somewhat … Continue reading

From the Horse’s Mouth

Yes, Transbay Blog is technically still on a hiatus of sorts, but, at the risk of having to rename it the BART-to-San Jose Blog, I couldn’t resist sharing a gem from Michael Burns, General Manager of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority: “Given that voters have endorsed BART not once, but twice,” VTA General Manager Michael Burns said, “from … Continue reading

San Jose Diridon: Grand Central or Bust

Top: San Jose Diridon Station, courtesy of MTC. Bottom: New York City’s Grand Central Terminal, courtesy of NY Links. Well, it’s official. Santa Clara County Measure B — assessing a 1/8 percent sales tax, the proceeds from which will be applied to operation and maintenance of the BART to San Jose extension — finally passed, … Continue reading

November 2008 Election: No, No, No on Measures B, C, and D (Santa Clara County)

VTA has placed three measures on this November’s Santa Clara County ballot: Measures, B, C and D. Santa Clara County voters are strongly urged to vote NO on all three measures. We’ll begin with Measure B. If passed, Measure B would institute a thirty-year 1/8-percent sales tax in Santa Clara County to generate money to … Continue reading

BART to San Jose (Volume 4): All’s Well As Ends Better

As things stand now, reasonably frequent rail service circles almost the entirety of San Francisco Bay. Caltrain serves the western shore of the Bay, while BART serves the eastern shore down to Fremont, and four BART routes operate in the Transbay Tube. The missing hole is the segment between Fremont and San Jose Diridon Station, … Continue reading

BART to San Jose (Volume 3): Wicked, Tricksy, False

In a Merc editorial last week, Caltrans director Will Kempton urged us to support BART to San Jose because “transportation professionals with 70 years of combined experience” support the project. Kempton’s piece also proclaims that the inflated ridership projection, in the vicinity of 100,000 daily riders, is “solid,” a statement that appears highly dubious in … Continue reading

BART to San Jose (Volume 2): The Shadow of the Past

Dashed dreams at Millbrae Station. Buried in the middle of the introductory post about BART to San Jose was the project’s ridership projection for the year 2030: about 104,000 riders. That number was settled on in 2006, but in 2005, the official projection had even gone as high as 111,500, before the two downtown stations … Continue reading

BART to San Jose (Volume 1): A Long-Expected Party

BART’s original planners had big dreams, envisioning a single system that would serve most cities and towns in the Bay Area with smooth, modern rapid transit. Central to that vision was that all three of the Bay Area’s major cities — San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, along with their respective airports — would be linked … Continue reading

A Series on BART to San Jose

The Santa Clara County ballot for the election this November 4, 2008, will include Measure B, which, if approved by voters, would assess a 1/8 percent sales tax, the proceeds from which would be applied to the proposed BART extension to Santa Clara through Milpitas and San Jose. The San Jose BART extension has long … Continue reading

Celebrating a Milestone and Biding Time

Hey, Caltrain: nice work. This past fiscal year, the underappreciated regional rail corridor linking Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Francisco Counties has enjoyed the highest annual ridership in its history (now 145 years and counting): close to 12 million riders, or an average of almost 38,000 each weekday. The average weekday ridership in May … Continue reading


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