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November 2008 Election: Yes on Proposition 1A (High-Speed Rail)

If transit routes can be analogized to the networks of nerves that are spread throughout the human body, then one might say transit planning in California has been almost entirely occupied with the peripheral nervous system. But a crucial link has been missing — the spinal cord. The notion of building a high-speed rail system … Continue reading

Governor to Sign High-Speed Rail Bill

Apologies for the dearth of updates — the posts I have promised previously are in progress, but free time has been in short supply lately. But I did want to post a new update from just today on AB 3034, the high-speed rail bill. The Senate’s amendments to AB 3034 passed through the Assembly earlier … Continue reading

AB 3034: The High-Speed Drama Continues

After eagerly awaiting news for the whole day about the high speed rail bond measure, an article gets posted online literally one minute after I left to go home for the day. So what’s the news? There is none. After all the drama built up over the weekend about Debra Bowen’s August 11 deadline to … Continue reading

Weekend Action Alert: High-Speed Rail Bill AB 3034

Okay, so Governor Schwarzenegger is refusing to sign any bills into law until the Legislature gets its act together in terms of finalizing the state budget for this upcoming fiscal year. But in order for Proposition 1 (the high speed rail bond measure) to be revised into Proposition 1A for the November ballot, thereby incorporating … Continue reading

From AB 3034 to November 4

As was certain to be the case, the presence of the $9.95 billion high speed rail bond measure on the November 4, 2008 ballot (as Proposition 1) has given rise to a multidimensional set of entwined political and legal battles. The California High Speed Rail Authority’s largely politically-driven dismissal of the Altamont alignment and formal … Continue reading

AB 3034 Passes Senate Transportation and Housing Committee

AB 3034 passes Senate Transportation and Housing Committee. Erik Nelson from the Oakland Tribune reported that the Cathleen Galgiani’s high speed rail bill AB 3034 was approved 8-4 in the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee; meanwhile, a few days ago, Debra Bowen assigned the prime-time position of Proposition 1 to the $9.95 billion HSR bond … Continue reading

High Speed Rail Interactive Map

High Speed Rail Interactive Map. One major hurdle to overcome when communicating to voters about the importance of the California High Speed Rail project is lack of familiarity. Unless you are talking to someone who has visited a foreign country and actually ridden a high-speed train, or perhaps to a train geek, it is entirely … Continue reading

Altamont Bypassed

This is a post I started to write a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, a couple weeks of illness and the general pandemonium of the holidays prevented me from finishing it in a timely fashion, but better late than never, right? Somehow, this blog has been running for a few months now, with barely a single … Continue reading

Paris to London in Two Hours

Well, not exactly two hours, but pretty darn close. Last week, on September 4, a Eurostar train zipped from Gare du Nord station in Paris, sped underneath the English Channel, and finally ended at St. Pancras in London — a 306 mile-long route — in just 2 hours, 3 minutes, and 39 seconds, drawing these … Continue reading


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