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The Price Is Right

Courtesy of Transport for London. C.W. Nevius from the Chron is on a roll, but if he doesn’t catch himself soon, he might just roll right off a pier and into the Bay. This past summer, in his piece on the F-Market & Wharves historic streetcar line, Nevius explains that the “cardinal sin” of public transportation is that it … Continue reading

New York Assembly Approves Citywide Surface Parking Lots

Which citywide surface parking lots would these be? Why, the congested streets of Manhattan, of course. Members of the Assembly, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves: ashamed of your unwillingness to improve quality of life for millions of New Yorkers, and ashamed of your utter lack of vision. Even Mary Peters — Mary Peters! … Continue reading

London is on the Move

London is on the move. London, a city that is famous around the world for the bold steps it has taken to curb congestion and encourage use of alternative transportation, continues to prove its worth as a global model for mobility policy, as it strives for a goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60% … Continue reading

Even-Kheeled Thoughts

Despite the most recent furor about eliminating all fares on San Francisco Muni, the Chronicle recently reported the completely unsurprising result that fare-free Muni would be, to say the least, a poor idea. The faulty underlying supposition was that in light of the fare evasion problem, Muni might not be collecting much more money in … Continue reading

October 17 Meeting on Congestion Pricing

A few weeks ago, I wrote a general, introductory sort of post about the possibility of implementing a congestion pricing scheme in San Francisco, similar to the one which has been proposed in other cities around the country, and which already has been quite successful in London over the past four years. Congestion pricing could … Continue reading

Congestion Pricing in the News

Awhile back, Supervisor Jake McGoldrick, who is also chair of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, proposed to adopt in San Francisco some variant of a congestion pricing plan that was implemented in London in 2003; namely, a plan to charge drivers additional tolls for entering congested downtown streets. In London, the tolls apply for … Continue reading


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