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TransForm Car-Free Challenge 2010

TransForm is hosting another Car-Free Challenge this year and is calling on you to participate by going car-free, or at least reducing your usual driving, from June 1 to June 7.  Everyone is strongly encouraged to participate in the challenge (you can register online).  It’s a nice opportunity to experiment with transit or bicycle routes … Continue reading

E-Extravaganza at Sunday Streets

I missed the first Sunday Streets waterfront street closure over Labor Day weekend, so attending yesterday’s carfree festivities was a top priority. It seemed to be a grand success, as everyone enjoyed the fresh air and the great weather. There is a great sense of freedom that comes from being able to cross the street … Continue reading

September 2008 Carfree Lineup

What’s better than closing off streets to cars for one Sunday? Why, closing off streets to cars for two Sundays! This Sunday, September 14, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, we will get the second half of the Sunday Streets events in San Francisco. See this earlier post or the official Sunday Streets website for … Continue reading

Sunday Streets and More, This Labor Day Weekend

PLEASE NOTE: Many people have reached this post via Google searches. Please be advised that this post was written in 2008 about a Sunday Streets event in 2008. For updated information on the 2009 Sunday Streets happening on September 6 at Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach, please visit the Sunday Streets website. Courtesy Sunday … Continue reading

Link Love for Transit Lifestyle Blogs

Link love for transit lifestyle blogs. Because this blog gives a lot of press time to future transit expansion and its role in building a better Bay Area, one topic which does not get as much coverage here is transit in the here-and-now — perhaps you might call these transit lifestyle issues. Luckily, other devoted … Continue reading

The True Cost of Driving

A post at The Capricious Commuter, a blog that Erik Nelson writes for Inside Bay Area, discusses how although we seem to keep good track of how much it costs to build, improve, and subsidize transit, the mathematics that covers those equivalent costs for automobiles, roads, and parking is far less clearly tabulated. The result … Continue reading

Yes on A, No on H: “Transit, Not Traffic” Around the Internet

Discussion on the “Yes on A, No on H” campaign for Transit, not Traffic, continues around the Internet, and so I’ll continue to post links to some of these sites, for interested readers who might not have run into them: The Bikescape blog has a posted a podcast about the Transit, Not Traffic campaign, featuring … Continue reading

Celebrate World Carfree Day

Every year on September 22, cities across the world celebrate World Carfree Day, which, amidst the hustle-bustle that characterizes modern traffic congestion, serves as a cogent reminder that cities are made for people, not automobiles. This year’s holiday promises to be especially large, as the Chinese government is putting out a big effort to make … Continue reading


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