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From the Horse’s Mouth

Yes, Transbay Blog is technically still on a hiatus of sorts, but, at the risk of having to rename it the BART-to-San Jose Blog, I couldn’t resist sharing a gem from Michael Burns, General Manager of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority: “Given that voters have endorsed BART not once, but twice,” VTA General Manager Michael Burns said, “from … Continue reading

BART to San Jose (Volume 4): All’s Well As Ends Better

As things stand now, reasonably frequent rail service circles almost the entirety of San Francisco Bay. Caltrain serves the western shore of the Bay, while BART serves the eastern shore down to Fremont, and four BART routes operate in the Transbay Tube. The missing hole is the segment between Fremont and San Jose Diridon Station, … Continue reading

Celebrating a Milestone and Biding Time

Hey, Caltrain: nice work. This past fiscal year, the underappreciated regional rail corridor linking Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Francisco Counties has enjoyed the highest annual ridership in its history (now 145 years and counting): close to 12 million riders, or an average of almost 38,000 each weekday. The average weekday ridership in May … Continue reading

A Valentine’s Day Ode to Caltrain

On this day two years ago, Caltrain held a contest to get people in the right mood for Valentine’s Day. Caltrain accepted submissions of poems and selected a few winners. Since it was for Valentine’s Day, the poems were supposed to be about love — either a poem describing some sort of romance on the … Continue reading


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